Police Kill Hundreds In Philippines’ Bloody War On Drugs

The UN has urged the new president of the Philippines to end a wave of extra-judicial killings, carried across the country as part of a radical anti-drug campaign. It comes as the country’s police revealed they were responsible for the deaths of nearly 600 drug suspects since...
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BitKoyn provides top up service using cryptocurrency

Bitkoyn is the latest technology innovative that is providing Mobile, TV, Pharmacy, Grocery and Electric prepaid service using Bitcoin. Unlike other digital currency recharge sites, bitkoyn’s recharge service is fast, secure and easy to use. For more information, visit bitkoyn.com to top up now.
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Sierra Leone Group Continues Bitcoin Drive to Fight Ebola

A group of entrepreneurs promoting bitcoin in western Africa has reminded the world of the dire situation it faces as its daily fight to stop the spread of Ebola continues. The Sierra Leone Liberty Group (SLLG), initially formed to promote free enterprise and libertarian ideals...
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Ebola Deaths Hidden As Fear Grips Liberia

Liberia’s few ebola treatment centres are overwhelmed with the sick and dying – with patients sharing beds and the dead laying near the desperately ill. The country has accounted for more than half of the world’s deaths from the latest ebola outbreak in West Africa...
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