Sierra Leone Group Continues Bitcoin Drive to Fight Ebola

A group of entrepreneurs promoting bitcoin in western Africa has reminded the world of the dire situation it faces as its daily fight to stop the spread of Ebola continues. The Sierra Leone Liberty Group (SLLG), initially formed to promote free enterprise and libertarian ideals...
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Ebola Deaths Hidden As Fear Grips Liberia

Liberia’s few ebola treatment centres are overwhelmed with the sick and dying – with patients sharing beds and the dead laying near the desperately ill. The country has accounted for more than half of the world’s deaths from the latest ebola outbreak in West Africa...
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China Cash Crunch Already Being Felt on the Ground

There are already signs of distress among Chinese businesses stemming from tighter liquidity conditions in the world’s second largest economy, according to the China Beige Book’s survey for the second quarter. “Firms are telling us that rates are going up, and have been for three...
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The Okinawa diet – could it help you live to 100?

Can you eat your way to a century? I am not referring to test cricketers, I’m talking about the Japanese diet. Or the Sardinian diet. Or the Ikarian diet. Or any one of half a dozen regional, usually traditional, ways of eating that have been...
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