Amid rising tensions in the South China Sea

Posted By on June 26, 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said Washington is committed to the defence of the Philippines, amid rising tensions in the South China Sea.

She was speaking after talks with her counterpart Albert del Rosario.

She said the US would honour its mutual defence pact with Manila and offer the Philippines affordable weapons.

Several Asian nations claim territory in the South China Sea; Chinese ships have recently encroached on areas to which others have declared ownership.

Speaking in Washington on Thursday, Mrs Clinton said the US would not take sides in the South China Sea dispute.

But by reaffirming her commitment to a long-standing defence treaty with the Philippines, she is clearly taking Manila’s concerns seriously.

The Philippines has complained of nine separate Chinese incursions into its territorial waters since late February, and Vietnam has also accused China of harassment in the region. […read more]

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