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Drinking limit to people over 65yrs old

Posted By on June 22, 2011

Safe limits for drinking alcohol by older people should be drastically cut, according to a new report.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists says people over 65 should only drink a maximum of 1.5 units of alcohol a day.

That is the equivalent of just over about half a pint of beer or a small glass of wine.

The report says older drinkers are less able to process alcohol and booze might also interact with medication they may be taking for other ailments.

A group of experts from the Royal College of Psychiatrists says there is a growing problem with substance abuse among older people, who they describe as society’s “invisible addicts”.

The report says a third those who experience problems with alcohol abuse do so later on in life, often as a result of big changes like retirement, bereavement or feelings of boredom, loneliness and depression.
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The traditional view is that alcohol misuse is uncommon in older people and that the misuse of drugs is very rare – this is simply not true”

Ilana Crome Professor of Addiction Psychiatry

But the extent of the drinking is hidden because unlike younger drinkers, more older people drink in their own homes, the report suggests.

The problem is exacerbated by the widespread use – and misuse – of prescribed and over-the-counter medicines among elderly people which can interact badly with alcohol. […read me]