Globe doubful about PLDT ‘unli’ service

Posted By on June 11, 2011

GLOBE Telecom Inc. on Friday expressed doubts about the promise of rival Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. to maintain Sun Cellular’s unlimited text and call services amid a looming merger with Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc.

“Given PLDT’s track record of unfulfilled promises in the telecommunications industry, it is highly unlikely that they will follow through on their verbal commitment to retain the ‘unli’ plans,” Rodolfo Salalima, Globe legal counsel said.

PLDT earlier said it would purchase a 51.5 percent stake in Digtel for P69.2 billion.

Manuel Pangilinan, PLDT chairman had said that the fear of ending “unli” and bucket pricing schemes are unfounded. He said the telco is prepared to make a formal commitment to the National Telecommunications Commission to retain the “unli” plans.

Pangilinan’s commitment came after lawmakers and consumer advocacy groups raised concerns about PLDT canceling Sun Cellular’s unlimited plans, which had been responsible for unit Smart Communication Inc.’s thinning margins.

“If PLDT cannot fulfill its commitment to the Supreme Court itself, how can we expect it to fulfill a promise that is not binding in law,” Salalima said, referring to Supreme Court orders for interconnection between telcos as early as 21 years ago that PLDT has yet to implement.

“We have 31 pending requests for interconnection with PLDT, and only one in Davao has been approved,” Salalima said.

The lawyer also referred to Republic of the Philippines vs. Republic Telephone Co. in 1996 and Republic of the Philippines vs. Express Telecom Co. in 2002 as examples of PLDT either out rightly refusing interconnection or connecting with them but using outlying linkages to block calls.

“Ten or twenty years from now, when the players are gone from the stage, who will remember the promise? It all boils down to a matter of trust,” Salalima said. […read more]

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