iPhone 5 to launch in September

Posted By on June 23, 2011

Apple is on track to release an “iPhone 5” in September, according to reports from component suppliers in Asia who are gearing up to build the next generation of the company’s smartphone.

Although reports vary on the naming – with some sources suggesting that it will be called the iPhone 4G or 4S – the Guardian has been told that the form of the device is very similar to the existing iPhone 4, which was released in summer 2010.

The suppliers are also understood to be preparing for another iPhone release during 2012, though the timing on that is less certain. Some are suggesting that the next model could come out in March.

The Guardian understands that while the new version will look very like the iPhone 4, it may dispense with some of the visible buttons on the side of the device for volume control.

Other reports on Bloomberg suggest that the new phone will use an A5 processor like that included in the iPad 2 released in March and feature an 8MP camera (compared with 5MP in the iPhone 4). Some reports suggest that it is testing a higher-resolution or larger version of the screen than that in the present model.

The new devices will include Apple’s new iOS 5 software, which includes its iCloud capability to synchronise data between devices, and to activate and update phones without requiring connection to a computer, as well as offering photo sharing and Twitter messaging across many apps.

Richard Windsor, global technology marketing analyst at Nomura Securities, said he expected the version sold in September to have the same price as the existing one, which Apple sells for about $600. “We think there will be an iPhone 5 in September – the suppliers have been ramping up for it,” he said. […read more]

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