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Posted By on June 11, 2011

FROM appearance, Jared Holgado is just your normal 6-year-old boy.

The floppy-haired Filipino kid with a pudgy nose, loves to play basketball, run around and stand on chairs when adults aren’t looking, but when it comes to hitting the books, he surpasses all of his peers.

While most first graders are studying how to add one plus one, subtraction or learning how to count to 100, Jared, a student at Saticoy Elementary school, is working on complex math problems that would stump kids twice, maybe three times, his age.

Six-year-old Jared is a child prodigy, already learning how to solve quadratic equations, math problems normally taught in the first year of high school as part of honors algebra.

“Some of the problems that we’re working on are from graduate college business classes,” said teacher Dan Steinberg. “Some college students wouldn’t be able to solve these problems.”

Steinberg is the founder of TechProtege LLC, a tutoring company focused on advancing students’ math potential. He’s been tutoring Jared twice a week for 90 minutes since July and admits he’s never had a student as young and as bright as Jared.

Steinberg, using a technique called “From Zero to Calculus”, said Jared’s math potential is unlimited.

“I don’t know what the record is but Jared will be done with calculus by the age of eight,” he said.

Jared is the eldest son of Nancy and Ferdinand Holgado. Nancy is a nurse at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles and Ferdinand owns a medical billing company. The two are originally from Batangas, Philippines. […read more]

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