Old Archive: Marcos regime arrests outspoken Filipino film director

Posted By on February 9, 2012

Protests from all over the world have followed the arrest in Manila last week of Lino Brocka, the Filipino film director, on charges of suspected sedition. Brocka has been a thorn in the flesh of the regime for many years as a film-maker often at odds with the censor, and as an open opponent of President Marcos.

Last year, his film Bayan Ko was in competition at Cannes, where Brocka made an outspoken attack on the regime which had refused to pass it for home consumption. Later in the year it came to the London Festival, where the film won the British Film Institute’s annual award for the most original and imaginative production shown at the National Film Theatre.

Curiously, a short time before Brocka’s arrest, the Philippines’ censor passed it for showing to adult audiences, though he wrote to a leading publication in Manila stating that the BFI Award was of little importance, being voted on by left-wing students who had attended the London Festival. [read more…]