Philippine 2012 Public Holiday Schedule

Posted By on January 9, 2012

Weekday         Date           Holiday name                                           Holiday type
Sunday              Jan 1          New Year’s Day                                        Regular Holiday
Monday            Jan 23       Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day       Observance
Sunday              Feb 5         Maulid un-Nabi                                        Common Local holidays
Saturday          Feb 25       People Power Anniversary               Observance
Tuesday            Mar 20      Vernal equinox                                        Season
Thursday          Apr 5         Maundy Thursday                                  Regular Holiday
Friday                 Apr 6         Good Friday                                                Regular Holiday
Saturday          Apr 7          Holy Saturday                                           Observance
Sunday              Apr 8         Easter Day                                                   Observance
Monday            Apr 9         The Day of Valor                                       Regular Holiday
Tuesday            May 1         Labor Day                                                     Regular Holiday
Tuesday            Jun 12        Independence Day                                  Regular Holiday
Sunday             Jun 17        Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj                          Common Local holidays
Wednesday    Jun 20       June Solstice                                               Season
Monday           Aug 20      Eidul-Fitar                                                      Regular Holiday
Tuesday            Aug 21       Ninoy Aquino Day                                    Special Non-working Holiday
Sunday             Aug 26       National Heroes Day                              Regular Holiday
Monday           Aug 27       National Heroes Day holiday             Regular Holiday
Saturday         Sep 22         Autumnal equinox                                  Season
Friday                Oct 26         Id-ul-Adha                                                    Common Local holidays
Thursday         Nov 1          All Saints’ Day                                             Special Non-working Holiday
Friday                Nov 2          Extra Day for All Saints’ Day               Special Non-working Holiday
Thursday         Nov 15        Amun Jadid Muslim                               Common Local holidays
Friday                Nov 30       Bonifacio Day                                              Regular Holiday
Friday                Dec 21         December Solstice                                   Season
Monday           Dec 24        Christmas Eve                                            Observance
Tuesday           Dec 25         Christmas Day                                            Regular Holiday
Sunday             Dec 30        Rizal Day                                                        Regular Holiday
Monday           Dec 31          New Year’s Eve                                         Special Non-working Holiday