Robotic guards to patrol prison

Posted By on November 26, 2011

In another step towards our inevitable future as a civilisation who invents robots and then artificially intelligent machines which will eventually overthrow us, South Korea has had the bright idea of bringing in robot guards to patrol prisons.

These are not, you’ll be pleased to know, vicious armed bots who give inmates 20 seconds to comply with instructions or face a lethal hail of lead. Or South Korean prisoners will certainly be pleased to know that, anyway.

They are, in fact, friendly robots who are there to help the prisoners should they have a problem, as well as keep an eye on them.

To emphasise their friendliness, the designers have built them with big chunky white and yellow bodies, and big smiley type robot faces.

That’s all well and good, although it does rather mean that in reality they look like the illegitimate offspring of a C5 and a Teletubby. We’d have gone for the classic metallic skull and glowing red eye look ourselves. [read more…]